Feedback USA is a pilot program to improve customer experience where citizens use the federal government the most. Customers applying at Department of State passport agencies/centers, SSA card centers, U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service Centers, VA benefit centers, and GSA’s Quantico base store will now get the chance to have their say. Customers will be able to provide quick feedback through a less-than-a-second tap of a button at a kiosk, and can provide additional feedback through the agency’s website. Agency partners will see this anonymous feedback in real time, so they can act quickly to resolve any issues and improve their services to the public.

The initiative for Feedback USA is a part of an administration priority to improve customer service. The Customer Service Cross Agency Priority Goal, established in 2014 is led by the Office of Management and Budget and SSA. The pilot is scheduled to last for one year with quarterly phases to help evaluate usefulness.