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Feedback requires a loop ➰

The Feedback Analytics Program is charged with supporting cross-agency program goals focused on improving Customer Experience. Across the breadth of government, the landscape of user needs, agency capabilities, and policy are ever-changing. The Feedback Analytics program supports the delivery and measurement of public services through service design, systems diagramming and mapping, and digital tooling.

What is the lifecycle of a Service?


Processes exist. At some point, they were designed. Explicitly via workflow, service design, or organizational mapping. Or, implicitly, via organic growth. And likely, a bit of both. Understanding WHO does WHAT and WHEN, with context of WHY shapes the landscape of an organization.


Design Processes are like writing a music score. Enacting a Service Design process is like bringing that score to life as an orchestra. Coordinating and communicating with each staff person involved, sharing the score; the Service Maps; co-designing together.


How is a Service performing? What defines the Performance for a given Service? We help agencies build the proper speedometers so they can tune and optimize their programs. Part of that gathering all feedback and assimilating that which supports the intent and mission of the service.

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