Frequently Asked Questions

What is Touchpoints?

Touchpoints is an open-source software application created and maintained by GSA. Touchpoints enables government agencies to solicit and process user feedback to support the continuous improvement of public systems, services, processes, and policies.

Who can use Touchpoints?

Touchpoints is designed for federal government staff supporting CX initiatives to easily gather feedback from public customers for the purposes of improving customer service delivery.

Touchpoints is also designed so public customers can provide feedback to agencies by responding to easy-to-use online forms.

How can Touchpoints be used?

Review Touchpoints’ Terms of Service

How do I get access to Touchpoints?

Contact the Feedback Analytics team to setup a Demo today.

How is my data used?

Is the feedback anonymous?

Touchpoints forms that do not ask for any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) cannot be used to identify an individual.

Are members of the public required to provide feedback?

Submitting feedback is purely optional.

How will the feedback collected be used?

The government agencies participating in the program will only use your feedback to improve their service delivery. GSA will partner with agencies to analyze the data and develop action plans to help improve customer experience.

Who can see my feedback?

Feedback submitted via Touchpoints is accessible by the authorized staff of participating agencies. Under guidance from 2018 A-11 Circular, High Impact Service Providers (HISPs) participating in the Customer Experience Cross Agency Priority Goal, part of the President’s Management Agenda, anonymous customer experience scores will be aggregated at the service level and publicly available at

What languages are available for the public to submit feedback?

English is the only language available at this time.

Common CX CAP Goal questions

Can we use Touchpoints if we don’t have any customer experience staff or IT resources?

Yes! The Feedback Program is here to help you. Get in touch.

Can we use Touchpoints if we only have in-person (non-web) services?

Yes, a common way to share a Touchpoint form with a customer is to provide the URL link to a Touchpoint from an existing CRM system used in customer support call centers. Another method is to provide a tablet device with a Touchpoints survey available to collect feedback from customers visiting physical office locations.

How long does it take to start collecting customer feedback using Touchpoints?

Sign up and start testing today. If your Agency needs access to Touchpoints, please contact the team for more information.

What feedback forms does Touchpoints offer?

  • A-11 Form
  • Open-ended feedback form
  • More to come

Touchpoints focuses on providing easy-to-use PRA-friendly feedback forms. If you have a need for different form, please contact us.

How options do I have for sharing a Touchpoint form with customers?

  • Share a public Touchpoints URL (see a Demo example)
  • javascript embed:
    • render tab that pops a modal with the Form
    • render the Form inline in a page (coming soon)

A common way to deploy a Touchpoint is deploy to use Google Tag Manager (learn how).

Who manages the PRA for Forms in Touchpoints?

The Feedback Analytics team is handling the PRA for the initial HISP A-11 rollout.

What if a customer says something bad about our Agency?

While not necessarily pleasant, negative feedback can be good fuel for process improvement & improving service delivery. Capturing data that reflects the customer’s voice can be an excellent resource for gaining insight into workflow issues while highlighting opportunities to improve. The Feedback Analytics program exists to help transform customer feedback data into a strategic asset.

Will I be able to see my A-11 form submission data before it’s released to OMB?

Yes. Submissions are managed and reviewed by authorized Service Managers. A manual “certification” or approval step will be required before taking advantage of easy CX reporting to

Can we filter out invalid or duplicate Submissions when reporting Submissions?

Authorized staff can flag invalid entries. eg: spam and feedback abuse

How can we get started or improve incorporating feedback into our products and services?

Contact the Feedback Analytics team to learn more.